Hot or Rot Quiz

When spying a delicious looking undead male across a room do you:
A: Shake your bad thing to get his attention. Even if it isn't attached to you.
B: Ask your friend to go into fake labor to get his attention, then ask if he is a doctor?
C: Give him the eye. Literally. You throw it across the room in a vain attempt to whack him in the head with it.

What is your favorite pick up line?
A: Have you been dating out of your gene pool long?
B: Not all of this is rigor mortis, baby
C: I would love to have you meet my mother, but I ate her earlier in the week

You've been out of the dating scene a while, letting those nasty wounds scab over. How do you approach a hot babe?
A: Oozing confidence. At least you think it's confidence. It is sort of green and icky by now
B: Timid and shy. That bite to your face never really healed so it's hard to schmooze with your cheek inside out
C: She isn't so awesome, you could take her in a knife fight over the last leg of human

Do you want him to meet your family or just wave as you pass their unmarked graves?
A: Yes
B: No
C: I can't remember where I put them now, do you have a map?

For a little extra spice in the bedroom, do you:
A: Play dress up with other people’s skins?
B: Take turns feeding each other human limbs while blindfolded?
C: Role play Night of the Living Dead with him mumbling, “We are coming to get you Bar-bar-ahhhh.”

Who is your favorite zombie celebrity?
A: Kiera Knightly. She can really work that overbite into something special.
B: Lindsay Lohan. That girl makes real zombies look bad with her voracious appetite for destruction
C: Johnny Depp. Okay, he’s not a zombie but would tap one if offered.

When you go out for a night with the girls, do you wear:
A: Tight mini skirt with thigh high boots that just scream classy?
B: Super skinny jeans that accentuate the camel toe. So what if you can't breathe, your lungs rotted out long ago so enjoy!
C: Something long and flowing, caftans are always a good choice for the freshly Undead

After a great first date, usually involving screaming and running, do you:
A: Let him caress the gaping holes in your face tenderly?
B: Move in for the big kiss, even though neither of you  still have a tongue?
C: Let him fumble around a bit before telling him playfully that a dog bit your ass off two weeks ago

Would your past dates describe you as:
A: The perfect zombie chick: no demands, no commitment, can eat her weight in human feet
B: Giggly to the point of his ditching you at the feeding frenzy for the Angelina Jolie clone. Wait. That was Angelina Jolie. Ew.
C: Overly emotional, which is tough to pull off since you have no more working tear ducts